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About SelfTalkCenter.com & Jim Van Wyck

Jim Van Wyck
Hi – I’m Jim, creator of this website and author of all the articles.

Hello and welcome to SelfTalkCenter.com.

I’m Jim Van Wyck, and since 1982, I’ve been deeply involved in exploring and teaching meditation and self-talk.

Here’s a more in-depth look into my journey, the community we’ve built together, and the principles that drive this website.

Background & Credentials
From an early age, the workings of the mind, its immense power, and the impact of our internal dialogue intrigued me.

This curiosity didn’t just stop at wonderment; it paved the way for formal education. I pursued and earned a master’s degree in psychology from the prestigious University of Alberta.
This was not merely an academic endeavor. My studies provided a foundation to understand human behavior better, the intricacies of thought patterns, and the undeniable, transformative power of purposeful self-talk.

The Community & Its Reach

Over the years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to study the mind and share my insights and learnings with a broader audience. Through consistent engagement and genuine connections, our meditation community on Facebook has grown to over 700,000 fans. I’d love you to join me at the Meditation Techniques Daily page.

Additionally, our dedicated meditation group has over 47,000 active members. These numbers are not just statistics; they represent individuals, stories, and transformations. Join my meditation group here.

They signify a shared passion and the countless individuals I’ve had the honor to guide and learn from in the realms of meditation and self-talk.

Jim Van Wyck

Content Integrity on SelfTalkCenter.com

The digital age has brought forth a plethora of information, but not all of it is accurate or beneficial.
At SelfTalkCenter.com, I prioritize authenticity and diligence.

AI Used in Research and First Drafts

While the advancements of AI have been invaluable in aiding research and writing first drafts, I maintain a hands-on approach to content creation.

Every single article that you come across on this site has undergone my rigorous review.

I personally scrutinize, edit, and fact-check each and every article, ensuring the content isn’t just informative but also rooted in accuracy and authenticity.

When you read an article here, know it’s a culmination of dedicated research, experience, and personal oversight.

SelfTalkCenter.com is not just a repository of articles; it’s an embodiment of my life’s work, a reflection of our vibrant community, and a beacon for all seeking guidance in meditation and self-talk. I’m genuinely excited and grateful for your presence here, and I look forward to our shared journey ahead.